Journey Towards Wisdom

Spiritual practice is one way to offer yourself love and care in an intentional, attentive way.

It is one way to feel connected to the Universe of possibility, love, and endless creation-destruction-creation.

But how do you build a spiritual practice?

Developing a spiritual practice, the routine of spiritual activity, can be challenging. At least, it has been for me and for every other student of the Spirit I can think of.

That doesn't mean that routine isn't doable or valuable. In fact, it is essential for reaping the deepest benefits of practice, whether prayer or something else.

To guide you in establishing (or re-establishing!) your own spiritual practice, I have created a free, week-long mini-course called Journey Towards Wisdom. 

Over a 6-day period, you'll receive 3 emails from me where I'll show you:

  • that 'spiritual practice' doesn't necessarily mean 'prayer'
  • how to integrate simple activities you may already be doing into your spiritual life
  • techniques for picking up your spiritual practice from wherever you left off, even if it's been years

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P.S. Upon completion of the mini-course, you will also receive my weekly love letter, Reflections, every Monday morning.  You may unsubscribe at any time, but I do hope you'll stick around.

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